Book Writing and Publishing Tips

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Writing can be a skill and art concurrently. Unless you have both, it's not going to be easy writing a magazine, no matter how good your site content may be. And even if you possess skill and artistic inclinations, it is possible to so many other factors to take into consideration if you want your book on the market, where people can acquire it.

I will set down for you, important factors you have to consider in writing and publishing the sunday paper. Additionally, I will also explain to you the steps to look at so that you will be better prepared.

I want to start with the factors first, before I go to the steps.

Writing ability

I don't mean to discourage people who don't have writing skills. However, in all honesty, let me say that a fantastic book requires good writing, to start with. If you have a real good story to share with, or concept to sell, then better be happy to pay a ghost writer to write down for you. A lot of celebrities do this and have performed this.

Good writing, however, does not need you to be a good writer. You have editors to produce your writing sound and appearance better. What you need is basic writing ability, which includes knowledge of the right grammatical structure, punctuation, and spelling. Evidently this also includes knowing how to type and focusing on how to use a computer.

Remember that, I have proofread and edited some books that shocked me. Some would not even pass for writing ability of an elementary student.



If you're not writing something technical or academic, you might need a lot of creativity on paper a book. You should be capable of taking your readers for a ride so they will enjoy your story. There needs to be highs and lows, tears and joy, success and failures, and all other emotional triggers that may keep your readers intrigued by your book.


Some individuals are gifted with organized thoughts; other people not. To those that do not have this gift, you will find there's way to keep your thoughts organized, and that's to learn how to focus. Planning is a key ingredient here, that we will explain further from the "steps".

Meditation helps a lot in organizing your ideas. Prayer and reading the Bible while playing some instrumental worship music, is the greatest meditation for me. Walking outside and enjoying nature also helps me focus, as long as I can have some private time.


Your book are only good if your market can relate to it. Because of this your theme needs to be relevant. It is pointless writing the sunday paper about winter if you're writing for a group who's not even experienced this weather. Incidentally, you need to know who your market niche is prior to writing. Consider them always when you are writing - the way they would feel, where did they would react. In a nutshell, put yourself in their shoes being a reader.


Without purpose, your book may have no direction. You may not even be able to start writing it. As well as if you are able to start, you may not be able to finish it. The intention of your book should be the very foundation of your writing, as well as the main source of your inspiration.

The subsequent questions will help you identify the purpose of your book.

Why am I writing this book?
What prompted me to publish this book?
Who inspired me to write this book?
What is going to this book provide for me?
What will this book provide for others?


Timing is quite crucial when it comes to publishing a magazine, more so if the relevance of one's theme or material is needed NOW. Think about the perfect season for your book to be released. Could it be better to have it out available for sale during the Christmas season or ahead of that? Will it be wiser to make it in bookstores from the summer? It all depends on the theme and online marketing strategy. I will explain this read more about the steps below.


Better be ready with all the resources needed whenever you plan to write the sunday paper, more so the money you will need. You can work your way towards your monetary goal but a minimum of have something to use. I know writers who finished their book draft but didn't have any money to publish it, which discouraged them needless to say.

Yes you can walk by faith, which is what I did with all the first edition of my book. But that faith was matched with determination and works at the same time.


I know many people who told me that they may write a book, and years have elapsed and they haven't even started writing anything. Some have begun writing, but half-way through, got distracted, and contains not gone time for it. Others are speaking about their second and third book with out finishing the first.

The simplest way to do it is to start it when you're ready to finish all of it the way through. "Strike the iron even though it is hot"... and keep going. Do not lose the momentum.

Since I have explained the factors involved in writing a book, let me proceed to the steps. These steps actually focus on the factors I have discussed. These steps can help you avoid mistakes that you will regret doing and will surely improve your chances for success.

1. Have a general theme for the book.

Having a theme will make suggestions in making your title, your outline, plus your entire content. It is easier to narrow things down for those who have a theme. For instance, if your theme is "women", you can narrow it into "married women" and down to "Christian married women". From that point you can further narrow it down regarding the topic you want to target such as "submission to the husband".

2. Know your market niche or target market.

I already gave a definite example of the market niche above. "Married Christian Women" is often a market niche. You should be as specific and reduced as possible, so it will be much easier to write and market the novel.

If you are writing about financial planning, you should state who your specific audience is. You can't express it is for everyone. You will need to identify who will sometimes be interested in it, and nobody needs it. What gender... generation... social status... religious belief?

3. Write an outline and work from that point.

When writing a summary, start with the main topics first. Then complete it with sub-topics. Let me use "Married Christian Women" because example here again, with give attention to submitting to their husbands.

Biblical Guide about the Role of the Wife in Marriage

Transitioning to
Gentle and quiet Spirit
Proverbs 31 woman

Problems Christian Wives Face

Unfaithful husband
Controlling husband
Violent husband
A non-Christian husband
Alcoholism and abusing drugs

The Boundaries of Submission

What areas to endure
What areas to never submit to

The Challenge in Submission

If the wife is the bread winner
If the husband is unfaithful
In the event the husband is not saved
If the husband is physically violent
In the event the husband is dependent on drugs and/or alcohol

The Fulfillment in Submission

The way changes the husband
How it promotes humility
The actual way it becomes a great example for your husband

Hindrances to Submission

Independent spirit
Not enough respect
Weak foundation faith
Polar differences

Practical Guidelines to Submission

How to handle an independent spirit
Gaining respect on your husband
Adjusting your ways to your husband's ways

Came from here you can keep on adding increasingly more sub-topics. Once your outline is apparent, writing will be far less difficult. You will just flow smoothly as you already have a guide.

4. Think of a catchy title.

Your title ought to be relevant to the times, for your target market, and to your theme. It needs to be something that can be easily understood from your intended audience. When individuals see it, they should possess a clear idea of what the book is all about, though maintaining some mystery into it.

Following are sample titles in my "Married Christian Wives" example.

Help! I not really know How To Submit. Practical Biblical Guidelines on Submitting on your Husband

I Will Only Submit If... Practical Biblical Guidelines on Submitting in your Husband

What Do You Mean Submit? Practical Biblical Guidelines on Submitting in your Husband

5. Have a very plan.

Do not start writing the sunday paper without any plan. This is actually the only way you can stay committed to it, and will raise your chances for success.

Your plan should include your entire timetable, when of writing to selling your book. Make sure you work backwards. Commence with the time you want your books out on the market, and work backwards after that.

Publishing takes in regards to a month or two, or can also go longer than that, when of submission of manuscript. For those who have a separate editor than your publisher, then you have to incorporate that within your timetable too. I give my clients 3-4+ weeks to edit a book, depending on the extent of editing I'll do. If your publisher is going to do the marketing for you personally, then you have to ask them just how long it will take from publishing to getting them out on the market. If you will do your own personal marketing, you have to element in the venues in places you will be promoting your book and just how long it will take to setup and coordinate with these venues, as well as your guests.

Book promotion covers pre-launching, actual launching, and post launching. The pre-launching includes hyping the intended audience, similar to some teaser, to acquire them curious and looking forward to your book. The actual launching is your big debut, in which you introduce your book to the public. Prior to this you need to consider press releases, invitations, as well as other preparations. The post launching entails more selling which can include talks, interviews, and also other means of promotions.

Apart from your entire plan for your book, you must plan for a day, time, and put where you can do your writing each day.

Your plans also need to include your budget.

6. Explore your publishing options.

There are many publishing options nowadays. Gone are the days when your only choice is to submit your manuscript to a publisher and if they enjoy it, they will publish it.

Listed here is a list of things the publisher are capable of doing for you. Find out what that you can do on your own, or what you can outsource to other people. Be wise and artistic.

Book Cover design
Text layout and style
Book Printing
Stock Art Photo
Handling and shipping
Distribution Package

For my clients I offer proofreading, editing, and typesetting. Which means that when we submit the job to the publisher, all they will do is final proofreading ahead of the text layout and style. This may or may well not save on cost, based on the publisher you are going to use. We have two publishers in my list that I can recommend to you personally, depending on where you live. I am very comfortable working with these people.

7. Develop your marketing strategy.

This can fall part of the plan and may only apply to people who want to do their own marketing. It contains "where", "how", and "when". Where can you intend to market your book? How would you intend to do it? When do you plan to do it?

Bearing every one of these things in mind, it is pretty obvious that writing a magazine is not an easy task. However, by following these guidelines, your book can be the next bestseller.

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